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Thank you Toyota New Zealand

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Toyota Small Business Driver

Earlier this year dsport was selected as one of the successful winners of the Toyota Small Business Driver campaign.

To mobilise and support small businesses impacted by COVID-19, Toyota New Zealand are providing 100 businesses with a Toyota Highlander SUV for 12 months.

Toyota, in partnership with Mediaworks’ MediaFund, is calling for small businesses to apply from today for the use of a Highlander for a year and a tailored advertising campaign including media and creative material.

Andrew Davis, Toyota New Zealand Executive, said Toyota had been impacted by COVID-19 like most businesses but was able to mobilise its resources to help out other business owners.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the New Zealand economy and many have been loyal Toyota customers for decades. In these difficult times they need all the help they can get – from Kiwi consumers, from the Government and from other, larger businesses.”

“Toyota cares about business owners and their employees. We’re part of everyday life in New Zealand and want to help businesses to keep moving during these uncertain times. Any way of reducing their expenses will help so we are drawing on our inventory and putting up 100 Highlanders for use for a year,” Andrew said.

Any small business can apply for the Small Business Driver package. They just need to show they employ fewer than 20 people and have received the Government’s wage subsidy.

When it heard about the Toyota offer, MediaWorks was so impressed it joined in with a radio advertising campaign that will also be provided to each business with a total value of $1 million from its MediaFund.

Entries were only open for a week. An independent selection panel was assembled by Toyota and MediaWorks to select the 100 small businesses to receive a Highlander and radio campaign. 

So far this we'd had the Highlander full of wheelchairs and sports equipment, towed a trailer or two, and soon we'll be taking it on the road for our Kids Get Active programme.

Thanks Toyota, we love it!