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About Us

dsport (previously known as Parafed Wellington) is a charity managed by a board of elected volunteers.

Our vision is for Wellington to be a diverse and inclusive region.

dsport is underpinned by the principles of inspire, enable, achieve.

We inspire disabled people to believe in themselves.  To aspire to being involved in sport and active recreation.  To dream.

We enable disabled people to get into sport and active recreation.  We don’t believe in can’t.  Rather how can we.  How can we make this fun and make this work?   We persevere and we build strength collectively.

But more importantly, our members achieve.  They overcome adversity, find work-arounds and creative solutions to achieve.  And for some, they will achieve their dreams.


Committee Members

President - Alan Signal

Alan has been President since 2015. Prior to this he was on the committee. Alan is a member of the dsport wheelchair rugby team and has also represented us in wheelchair basketball.


Mark Melvin

Committee Member

Denise Harrison

Gretchen Galloway

Gretchen Galloway

Ross Hanning

Ross Hanning


Catriona McBean


022 620 9763

Kate Horan

Sport Coordinator

027 741 2026