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XRACE is a mystery adventure race where parent and child aged 6-14 race together, locate and complete 10 mystery challenges; racing the clock and all the other family teams. A team is made up of two people:

  • an adult; dad or mum or a trusted relative or family friend and

  • a child aged between 6 and 14 years of age.

The challenges range from physical (like tug-of-war) to mental (like the memory challenge) to knowledge based (like the music challenge). The challenges change from year to year and course to course. No XRACE is ever the same.

XRACE challenges may involve water, mud and physical exertion, so we recommend you dress appropriately in old clothes, covered toe shoes and your swimming togs underneath your clothing in case you encounter water.

dsport won't be entering a team, but we think this looks like a really fun experience if you want to enter yourself.

Check it out here